All our activities are highly suitable for teambuilding for groups that wish to strengthen unity and cooperation to achieve better results. We put together the various activities in a concept that fits the season, the participants and what you as a customer needs and wants. Canoeing, fishing, night hiking and dog sledding are some of the activities in our teambuilding concept. All trips and adventures take place in quiet forms and are either physically or mentally tough. The degree of difficulty of the tour depends always upon the customer.

Our lavvo is a natural meeting place and a great place for "pep-talks". Over an open fire we will cook your food from a varied menu. Meals eaten around the campfire is a strong contribution to strengthening the unity and friendship.
We can also offer meals outside with only the sky as the roof.

Set aside a few hours, or why not one day ortwo, and take your employees into a useful and memorable community with peace, tranquility and unspoiled nature. We will do our utmostto ensure that this will be one of your good investment.

If this can be of interest to you, please contact us for ordering  or for further information