Activities Summer

Sjusjøen Fritid has a wide range of activities.
We want to give you an exotic experience in our beautiful surroundings.

The tours are suitable for most people. The main aim is to give you peace, tranquillity and nature experiences in "unspoilt countryside" without using a lot of energy and without any danger. The tours take place in an easy form and are not mentally or physically tough.

Social companionship and the basic thought "take care of" - is our motto.
Our "Team Building" programme is suitable for most groups, but is particularly suitable for groups where companionship and co-operation will be strengthened to gain better results.  We can arrange the tour any weekday upon request. If it is possible to put aside one or two days to motivate the employees and leaders in a firm, then this is an adventurous and useful way to go.

The activities can be arranged to fit your ability and wishes. We can make a programme for firms/groups who would like several activities and maybe meals, and within each activity there is always a possibility to change from the set programme.
You can have meals in our lapp tent or in nature itself.

We will do our best to ensure that this experience will be one of the good investments this year.

If this can be of interest to you, please contact us for ordering  or for further information.